Acting in Front of a Camera 1

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01FHE12 Z 2 3T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduce students to the specific conditions and demands for internal and external acting technique when filming.

Mode of study

Classes, shootings, screenings.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Cooperation with FAMU.

Course contents


  1. Detail, half, whole.
  2. Film editing, montage.
  3. Space in front of a camera.
  4. Dramatic time in a film work.
  5. Visual and audio composition of a picture.
  6. Preparing for a film and TV role, specific concentration.
  7. Building a role and character.


In cooperation with FAMU and under the leadership of acting pedagogues from DAMU and directing teachers from FAMU, students are familiarized through seminars and practical exercises with the inherent laws and peculiarities of TV and film work.

Recommended or required reading

Ejzenštejn: Kamerou, tužkou, perem

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation in classes and workshops.


Intended for 3rd year students.

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