History and Analysis of Acoustic Arts II. 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
101DAU1 credit 2 2 lecture hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 32 to 42 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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Michal RATAJ

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Learning objectives:

This is a two-semester course that can be taken in the first or second year of study. The aim is to be able to take a contextual analytical view and understand current trends and concepts in the field of acoustic arts while focusing on creative, aesthetic, philosophical and intermedia levels. Through the analysis of scores and recordings, students are introduced to key works in the field of electroacoustic music and intermedia art of the last decades, and through the study of texts and group discussion they join current discourses in the field of music and technology.

Thematic areas:

The structure of the specific works and texts analysed varies each academic year; students are introduced to the specific syllabus no later than the first class of the new semester.

Learning outcomes

The ability to take a contextual analytical view of contemporary acoustic art works, understanding theoretical texts and applying the knowledge gained into one's own creative concepts.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Required bibliography:

Works analysed in a particular semester and related texts.

Recommended bibliography:

COX, Christopher - WARNER, Daniel (eds.). Audio culture: Readings in modern music, revised edition. New York London Oxford New Delhi Sydney: Bloomsburry Academic, 2017. 646 p. ISBN 978-1-5013-1836-8.

ADKINS, Monty, SCOTT, Richard, TREMBLAY, Pierre Alexandre. Post-Acousmatic Practice: Re-evaluating Schaeffer’s heritage. Organised Sound, Volume 21, Special Issue 2: Situating the Avant–Garde: Conformity and oppositional culture, August 2016, pp. 106 - 116.

ADKINS, Monty, CUMMINGS, Simon, BERNDT, Axel, COLTON, Lisa, FIELD, Ambrose, HOLBROOK, Ulf A. S., MOREY, Justin, TALBOT, Richard, TOOP, David. Music beyond airports. Appraising ambient music. University of Huddersfield Press, 2019. ISBN 9781862181618, on-line.

SCHÖNING, Klaus. On The Archeology of Acoustic Arts in Radio. Klangreise – Sound Journey. Studio Akustische Kunst. 155 Werke 1968 – 1997. Köln: WDR, 1997.

HERZOGENRATH, Bernd ed. Sonic thinking: a media philosophical approach. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017. 344 s. ISBN 978-1501327209.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Credit examination is awarded for active participation and week-to-week study work.

There is no minimum attendance requirement.


3. 10.

Lazlo Moholy Nagy - New Vision. The New Bauhaus. Diskuse po 90 letech

četba: L. Maholy.Nagy. Introduction to: The New Vision (pdf)

video: https://youtu.be/7HUe9FTkbCE

10. 10.

K. Saariaho - vize nové harmonie

poslech, analýza: Noa Noa, Verblendungen

četba: Kaia Saariaho. Timbre and harmony (pdf)

17. 10.

Score follower - nová technologie pro real-time electronics

A není attack lepší detekce?

poslech: Philippe Manoury: Pluton

24. 10.

prof. Leigh Landy: Making Sound-based Music Relevant

9:00 - 12:00

31. 10.

Michal Rataj: Floating

autorská přednáška o skladbě z koncertu v Galerii HAMU 21. 10.

zvuk a prostor

7. 11.

Gestrument - gestures for structures

poslech: Jesper Nordin - Calm Like a Bomb

14. 11.

prof. Július Fujak: Priesvitné zvukové sochy (hostující přednáška)

9:00 - 12:00

21. 11.

Trubka mezi světy

Ian Maresz: Metalics

Michal Rataj / Oskar Török - Letters From Sounds

28. 11.

Zvuk za zvukem

Mark Andre: üg


5. 12.

Karlax - mrtvý hudební nástroj

Tom MAYS - Le Patch Bien Tempéré III


četba: Yolande Harris: Inside-out instrument (pdf)

12. 12.

Počítač jako virtuální orchestr

Martin Matalon: Traces I.

19. 12.

Louis Glücková: Nov věrnosti a ctnosti

Michal Rataj / Souzvuk - vánoční posl



Schedule for winter semester 2022/2023:

room 019

(Liechtenstein Palace)
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Mon 13:00–14:30 Michal RATAJ LAB
Liechtenstein Palace
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