Composition Seminar 10

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101SSK0 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

a) Presentation of student compositions

b) Discussion over the presented works

c) Presentation of current field information and event evaluation discussions

d) Presentation and performance of guest works.

e) Discussions over technique, aesthetic and other composition aspect issues

Mode of study

Moderated discussions, discussions, analyses of student composition scores.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

a) appropriate knowledge of composition issues

b) sufficient music theory knowledge

c) corresponding formulation skills

d) overview of the history of contemporary music composition.

Course contents

An inseparable element of the main study. Presentation of student compositions, refining perspectives of the idea and mission of the works, current trends and composition technique issues. Development of young composers' indepedent thought, analytical skills and discussion skills.

Recommended or required reading

Scores and recordings of the covered compositions.

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance in class, result quality and activity in discussion are assessed.

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