Orchestral Parts and Solos for Guitar 4

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105OPK4 exam 1 1 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 15 to 20 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning objectives:

Orchestral Parts and Solos for Guitar 4 is directly related to the course Playing in the Orchestra. The aim of the course is to prepare guitar parts individually, especially in terms of attack and fingering, and to develop quick orientation when playing from the page. Its focus broadens the spectrum of the student's knowledge and skills to include those that will condition his/her possible future employment as a soloist and orchestral player. Emphasis is placed on the flexibility of technical mastery of compositions in the shortest possible time and mastery of the manner of playing in chamber and symphony orchestras, instrumental and interpretative mastery of works of the orchestral repertoire, and careful acceptance of the teacher's comments. This develops, over a longer period of time, the technique and quality of the performance of the piece, contributing to the quality of the student's presentation in the course Playing in the Orchestra. By practicing new repertoire, students prepare for possible auditions for chamber or symphony orchestras.

Thematic areas:

Learning outcomes

The student has mastered effective and professionally appropriate study, rehearsal and examination techniques.

The student has craft skills in relation to representative repertoire, various styles, etc.

The student recognizes, interprets, arranges, realizes, and/or memorizes musical material using musical notation and/or listening.

The student becomes aware of, reflects on and develops his/her own learning style and the skills and strategies necessary to do so.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Instructions for the selection of compositions, their rehearsal and performance will be specified by the teacher, taking into account the individual abilities and talents of each student.

Example repertoire:

Compositions by. Morricone, H. Zimmer, J. Williams

Additional literature will be specified by the instructor during the semester, taking into account the student's individual talents and skills, and in accordance with the current repertoire for the course Playing in the Orchestra.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Active participation in classes, playing selected repertoire in front of the teachers of the department.

Other requirements: minimum 80% attendance.



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