Ballet in Wienna 1

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107BVV1 Z 2 2T Czech winter

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This course is arranged among hisotry designed lecture whose aim is a detailed knoweldge of particular developmental phases of European dance arts. The course supplements knowledge acquired in historical survey lectures.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of history survey lectures is required. Survey of the History of Dance and Ballet, Survey of the History of Ballet in the Czech lands.

Course contents

In the first semester the presentation of the development of ballet in Vienna focuses on a chronological approximation of the formation of ballet event from the first echoes of the formation of the Ballet de cour at the end of the 18th century. An anlysis of separate early theatre dance performances and formation of theatre life in individual Viennese theatres with an emphasis on the events at the Court opera and the Theatre am Kaerntnertor (Carinthia Gate Theatre). The activites of important figures are described in detail, who worked in Vienna. These are choreographers of the Ballet d' action era; Franz Hilferding, Jean Georges Noverra and Gasparo Angiolini, composer C.W.Gluck. The presentation ends at Pre-Romance ballet whose form was particularly developed in Vienna, figures in choreography, primarily Salvatore Vigan and other Italian ballet masters. Part of the course is analyses of librettos and other documents, listenings to music works linked to Viennese ballet history and the like.

Recommended or required reading

Brown, Bruce Alan: Gluck and the French Theatre in Vienna, Oxford 1991.

Derra de Moroda, Friderica: Franz Anton Christoph Hilverding und das Ballett d´action. In Österreichische Musikzeitschrift 23, 4 (1968).

Gregor, Joseph: Kulturgeschichte des Balletts, Wien 1944.

Haas, Robert: Die Wiener Ballett-Pantomime im 18. Jahrhundert und Glucks Don Juan. Studien zur Musikwissenschaftn 10 (1923), s. 6-36.

Lynham, Deryck: The Chevalier Noverre, London 1950.

Raab, Riki: Ballettreformator J. G. Noverre in Wien. In Jahrbuch des Vereines für Geschichte der Stadt Wien 13 (1957).

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Salmen, Walter ed.: Mozart in der Tanzkultur seiner Zeit, Innsbruck 1990.

Winter, Marian Hannah: The Pre-Romantic Ballet, London 1974.

Zechmeister, Gustav: Die Wiener Theater nächst der Burg und nächst dem Kärntnerthor von 1747 bis 1776, Wien 1971.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on activity in lectures.



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