Reperatory of Folk Dance 2

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107RL2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study of dance solo parts of Včas Vina and Dance from Velka Kubra. Mastery of step elements of those areas. Partner work in Z Velké Kubry. Working with props - wine jug.

Mode of study

Mastery of the selected dance in a dance hall. Study of a dance according to a video or notation.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Particpation in class. Ability to present parts of discussed choreographies.

Course contents

Preparation of dance step material: Before the study of an entire dance, students are introduced to the step material and specific region from which the dance comes. The students need to technically master the dance in both the steps and phrases. In the dance V Čas Vína, important is working with a prop (a jug). Partner work in the dance Velká Kubra.

The floorplan of the dance: Introduction to the floorplan of the dance and its recording for better orientation for further practice. Each student, first learns one dancer position and then learns others (the opposite location, in their neighbor's place, other solo parts). Students are gradually introduced to all dance pair locations. Dance variations are covered for three, five and more pairs. The variation in number of dancers is applicable in practice.

Study of dance in parts: First student are acquainted with solo parts (each student must master all of them) and then are gradually joined into a whole. Their task is mastering the entire dance so they can teach it anytime to their future pupils.

Libuše Hynková: Včas Vína: Dance from the area of Nitra and Tekov, in the choreography of Libuše Hynková is cast with colorful dance material of that region.The choreography was a part of the basic repertoire of the Czech state ensemble of song and dance and it is still widely used for many performances (at dance conservatories).

Libuše Hynková: Dance from Velká Kubra: The dance if from the Trenčian and Kysucko area. It is one of the oldest repertoire numbers of the Czech ensemble of song and dance. This dance was successfull throughout the world. There is a breath of humor and folk entertainment in its original form.

Both dances, V čas Vína and Dance from Velká Kubra are examples of the dance repertoire from the rich selection of dances of our closest neighbors (Slovakia).

Recommended or required reading

Mázorová, Mária; Ondrejka, Kliment a kol.: Slovenské ludové tance, Bratislava 1991.

Mlíkovská, Jiřina: Choreografka Libuše Hynková. Taneční listy, 1993, č. 2, 3, 4.

VHS performance recordings

Accompanying notation material

Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation in lessons. Knowledge of the choreographies covered.



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