Piano Practical 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
170KP1 Z 1 1T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Miroslav SEKERA

Name of lecturer(s)

Hanuš BARTOŇ, Zdeňka KURZOVÁ, Miroslav SEKERA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

To provide conductors, composers, opera directors and singers vital preparations necessary for their wider application, that is, for the ability to present their own work.

For composers emphasis is placed particularly on playing from the page, reading scores and 4-hand playing.

Mode of study

Individual instruction linked to verifying students' individual study. The instructor evaluates the study, gives exams and credit.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Piano instruction continuing from the previously achieved skill level focused primarily on fulfilling course aims.

Recommended or required reading

Literature selection according to the technical maturity of the students focusing on the Conducting, Composition, Vocal and Opera Direction studies.

a) Piano literature corresponding to all technique requirements of the course aims.

b) Chamber and Orchestral scores, piano scores and accompaniment of song literature according to instructor selection in relation to the level of piano playing.

Assessment methods and criteria

Playing from the page, song score, piano excerpts and accompaniment reading - all focused on the main study.


An elective course intended only for the Composition, Conducting, Opera Direction and Voice Depts.

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