Concert Practical - Chamber Music Playing 1

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198KP1 Z 1 Czech summer

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Václav BERNÁŠEK, Štěpán KOUTNÍK, František MALÝ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

In this course each student checks not only individual elements of performance but also their mental prerequisites for public performance. Student preparations through the year are actually on-going practice and improvements in technique, expression, tone quality, intonation, etc. This course yields new aspects in the preparations for the future trade in that the ideal form is tuned to the concert date is much more difficult that continuous preparations. The student must mentally prepare for the date of their public performance. It does occur for many, commonly, that they play during the wek and a couple days before the performance they are not able to manage it. This course is ideal for working on these psychological issues.

Mode of study

Individual preparations under the guidance of the instructor and subsequent concert performance.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Instrument skills at the level corresponding to the study year and student profile, sufficient music repertoire.

Course contents

Each student is obligated to publically present in the Summer semester the study compositions at concerts on the Faculty grounds. This is essential for the future professional activity of the student. This verifies not only the quality of their preparations, independent components of the performance but also the mental conditions for public performance. The preparations of the student during the year are their own on-going practicing and improvement of their technique, expression, tone quality, intonation and the like. This course brings in a new aspect to the preparations for the future profession in that it is set as the ideal form for a set concert date and often more difficult than regular preparations. The students must mentally manage the date of their public performance. It sometimes occurs that many, that during they year they play but a few days before the performance they cannot master it. This course is ideal for dealing with this, one's psychological issues. This course guides students to the formation of their own views and investigating the awareness of dramaturgy of concert activities. Students verify their success individually on the instrument and with compositions during the concert performance. This combination is reflected in the reception and reaction of the public.

Recommended or required reading

Chamber ensemble literature, as a Piano trios, String quartets, Wind quintets.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on participation in exercises, study and presentation of a chamber piece.

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