Work on Performance 3

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201ICD3 ZK 15 20T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Demonstration of the ability to do independent creative work on a production from the initial inspiration through to performance before an audience.
  2. Cooperation with other artists on the comprehensive form.
  3. Full-fledged use of all available audio-visual means.
  4. The production, organizational and marketing components of the director's work.
  5. Individual and joint preparation, study of the production and its performance.
  6. Transformation of the production plan in relation to coworkers and audiences.
  7. The director as a leader and as part of a team.

Mode of study

Classes, tests, performance, written review.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A professionally equipped school stage, intensive cooperation with the departments of scenography, production and possibly other divisions. Cooperation with manufacturing, agencies and the media. External coworkers depending on the type of production being prepared. Cooperation with acting students in other years of study from the Department of Dramatic Theatre and the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre.

Course contents


  1. Introduction to the study of production.
  2. Reading, blocking, acting rehearsals, technical and lighting rehearsals, regular rehearsals, dress rehearsal, first performance, premiere, later performances.
  3. Leadership and cooperation between inscenátorů and actors.
  4. Leadership of individuals and of the collective, rehearsal tactics and strategies.
  5. Coaching for movement, choreography, sound, diction and singing.
  6. The production and its promotion.


Instruction focuses on the practical realization of a full-length theatrical performance with the use of the full range of expressive means. In their work the students must take into account the individual and shared themes of their collaborators, the context of the theatre, the context of the place and the context of the theatre's other productions. They learn the meaningful combination of the individual components of a theatrical performance through live communication with selected coworkers. They make a difficult, thematicized montage with respect to content and form with the use of full-fledged stage design, music and sound. They learn the right way to pace progress with work, the assigning of tasks to coworkers and communication with them. They learn the continuous seeking of form and the ability to develop the intended theme. They create an appropriate method of keeping notes and its organization and evaluation, and they make independent use of auxiliary literature, confirming their inspiration beyond the theatre in art and reality.

Recommended or required reading

Aronson, Arnold - Looking into the abyss: essays on scenography

Baygan, Lee - Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup

Buchman, Herman - Stage Makeup

Brandesky, Joe (ed.) - Czech theatre design in the twentieth century: metaphor and irony revisited

Corey, Irene - The mask of reality: an approach to design for theatre

Docherty, Peter; White, Tim (ed.) - Design for performance: from Diaghilev to the Pet Shop Boys

Hopkins, Albert A. - Magic: stage illusions, special effects and trick protography

Lajcha, Ladislav - Hommage to scenography 1920-2000

Oddey, Alison; White, Christine - The Potentials of Spaces: the theory and practice of scenography & performance

Parker, W. Oren; Smith, Harvey K.; Wolf, R. Craig - Scene design and stage lightning

Simonson, Lee - The stage is set

Warre, Michael - Designing and making stage scenery

Assessment methods and criteria

Graded is the artistic result of the graduation production and the overall course of rehearsals, including the written review.

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