Body in Motion 4

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202ETV4 Z 2 2T English summer

Subject guarantor

Michaela RAISOVÁ

Name of lecturer(s)

Michaela RAISOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim is defined by the course btitle: The body as a partner, a bearer of emotion, feeling and life experience and their use in authentic body/movement expression. Pedagogical work: preparation of a class, topic, structure and leading of a group of people.

Mode of study

Contact teaching, group and individual work, discussion, in-class reflection. Pedagogical preparation: each student tries to prepare a class in a practical way – according to their interest based on material from previous classes in the winter semester.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Course contents

Recommended or required reading

Literature in Czech language (literature in English see below):

Literature in English:

Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation (70% attendance), on-going written reviews, written outline of a prepared class, its realisation and a written reflection of the process and experience with reference to recommended literature.

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Course may be repeated

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