Training for Movement 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
202PVK2 credit 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 29 to 39 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Michaela RAISOVÁ

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Fascination with the movement of one's body, movement of a partner, movement in a space. Coming to an awareness of movement. Working with time and gravity, rhythm and coordination. Body weather.

Working with the inner space; building sensitivity to the space, to a partner. Physically challenging classes for all who wish to remain in good physical condition.

Learning outcomes

Fitness training intended for all students who wish to develop a good fitness condition, coordination and body tension. We work with various material according to what the group needs.

Prerequisites and other requirements

In order to get a grade, students must attend regularly (at least 70%) and write reflection at the end of each semester.

This course is open to all students. No prior experience necessary.


This is essentially a practical class. Material are distributed, if needed, based on individual needs of the group (visual material, videos etc.).

Evaluation methods and criteria

Atttendance 70 %, written reflection at the end of the semester.

Further information

Course may be repeated

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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