History of Stage Design 2

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203DS2 ZK 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To introduce students to the history of set-design on the Czech lands, their most important stages and relations to European set-design. To acquaint students to the methods used in the creation of setting space and clarify their principles.

Mode of study

Lectures on the work of the most important world and Czech set-designers. Sources of inspiration and relationships to European set-design.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

203DS1 lectures.

Course contents

Lectures and classes with presentations of the most important set design work of the Czech theatre avant garde of the 1920s and 30s. A course paper on a chosen topic in the history of avant garde set design. Searching for sources of inspiration and contexts of set design.

Recommended or required reading

-Ptáčková V.: Česká scénografie XX. století,, Praha 1982

-Černý J. a kolektiv: Dějiny českého divadla, díl III, díl IV., Praha 1983

-Obst M., Scherl A.: K dějinám české divadelní avantgardy, Praha 1962

-Píša A. M. Divadelní avantgarda, Praha 1978

-Monografie jednotlivých scénografů

Assessment methods and criteria

75% attendance at lectures and classes, independent creation of the course paper and its presentation (approx. 10 pages of text), final test or oral exam.

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