Scenography 2

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203SCMA2 exam 10 8 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 166 to 216 hours of self-study English summer

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Teaching in the second semester includes the interpretation of scenographic space and the dramatic basis of scenographic creation. Teaching is based in part on each student's personal MA project. The student deals with the solution of classical theatre production, analyzing the subject based on the experience gained in the previous semester in the context of European and contemporary culture. An important aspect of the second semester is the perception of ritual/spiritual/liturgical space in relation to the classical theatre stage. The dramaturgy of the space/environment and its influence on the interpretation and subsequent creation of a scenographic project is part of the course. The student works through a historical subject in relation to his/her own social, cultural, and political roots within a larger context. Within the framework of the course, the student cooperates with the Department of Drama in the creation of student productions. The course consists of two parts.

Preparatory tasks: solving basic situations, their interpretation, subsequent visualization and connection with directing, choreography, exhibition concept, and installation. The final semester project assignment: expressive presentation of a complex scenographic project as the most important means of communication with the client and the creative team.

Learning outcomes

The aim of the study is the craft and technical mastery of stage design as an authorial part of theatre production.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Literature concerning own program and assigned tasks, especially in the field of the scenography of drama, opera, musical theatre, movement theatre, and exhibition installations.

Evaluation methods and criteria

During the semester, independent work in studios and a minimum of 80% attendance at tutorials are required. The condition for completion of the semester is a successful assignment, which includes a model (1:20), free artwork - 5 pcs, drawing/painting DIN A 1, 12 pcs of stage designs and visualizations DIN A 3, storyboard.

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