Dramaturgy 1

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204DTD1 ZK 3 1T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Miloslav KLÍMA

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Looking for a personal theme.
  2. Looking for your own means of expression.
  3. Preparing your own projects.
  4. First draft for MA level SZZ.

Mode of study

Presentational, analytical and comparative approach to individual projects. Project presentation and partial results. Presentation of the final stage form, its defense and mutual analysis with a view to the components presented in the study aims.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General knowledge of Czech and world literature.

Good bearing in literature for children and youth.

Good bearing in graphic and music arts.

Gradually improving knowledge of Czech and world drama literature.

Gradually improving knowledge of theatre research literature.

Analytical review skills.


An on-going study of the history and present of Czech and world theatre including alternative and puppet theatre is required.

Completion of the DAMU Directing-Dramaturgy bachelors study or adequate study a another arts school. If a non-arts school, then a talent entrance exam.

Course contents


  1. Looking for a personal theme.
  2. Looking for your own means of expression.
  3. Preparing your own projects.
  4. First draft for MA level SZZ.


  1. Looking for a personal theme; your own style; the type of genre; central and dominant theme.
  2. Looking for your own means of expression; capacity for self-reflection, to compare and summarise your observations, both emotional and rational.
  3. Preparing your own projects; activating the component parts; seeking stimulation.
  4. First creative draft MA level SZZ; summarising the creative and learning process used so far; formulation of conclusions.

(According to yearly plans the lecturers shall specify the works forming the basis of studies for individual steps.)

Recommended or required reading

To be specified in the annual study plans according to the creative projects selected.

Supplemented by other literature stated in the accreditation materials of the KALD DAMU study plan posted on the KALD DAMU websites.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit and resulting grades will be awarded based on:


Considering that course is lead by various instructors it is necessary to respect he minor diversions from the specific intentions of the lecturing instructor.

Schedule for winter semester 2018/2019:


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Mon 09:00–12:00

Schedule for summer semester 2018/2019:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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