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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
204HST2 ZK 2 3T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Name of lecturer(s)

Jiří ADÁMEK, Radek BERAN, Lukáš JIŘIČKA, Branislav MAZÚCH, Tomáš ŽIŽKA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course develops students' creativity, investigates new ideas in relation to greater knowledge of to date experiments. It expands awareness and mind-body skills in areas of alternative and puppet theatre in which all elements are equally applied and are in a hierarchy according to the accent and significance of the communication in a number of stagings.

Mode of study

Writings analysis and discussion, artistic proposals, recorded examples from performances.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Ability to carry a dialog.

Review and self-evaluation skills.

Analytical skills.

Basic overview of contemporary theatre history.

Course contents

The course content is an analysis of a wide variety of alternative theatre approaches, disciplines and trends in relation to the student's master's artistic project. This is an advanced meeting of all master's students across study programs and their advisors. It starts with the personal intentions of each student who present their projects using audio, photos and video recordings place them in a European and world theatre context. The subsequent discussions of all other students and instructors, in a dialog investigate uniqueness and characteristics of each future artist and their potential profile.

Recommended or required reading

Klíma et al: Divadlo a interakce I-IV

Lehman: Postdramatické divadlo

Adámek Jiří: Theatre musical

Cihlář Ondřej: Nový cirkus

Václavová Denisa a Žižka Tomáš: Site specific

Hans-Thies Lehmann: Postdramatické divadlo

Eugenio Barba, Nicolas Savarese: Slovník divadelní antropologie

Denisa Václavová, Tomáš Žižka: Site specifik

Tendence v současném myšlení o divadle - sborník, Ad honorem prof. PhDr. Ivo Osolsobě

Anne Bogart, Tina Landau: Úhly pohledu

Arnold Aronson: Pohled do propasti

Henryk Jurkowski: Proměny ikonosféry

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit and grades are awarded based on an interview before a commission comprise of the year's instructors at the end of each semester.


Only for Alternative and Puppet Theatre Department student in the master's study.

Instruction schedule see: www DAMU / katedra ALD / Pro studenty / Rozvrhy

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