Theory of Drama 1

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204TDV1 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Introduction to basic theatre theory.
  2. To introduce issues of domestic and foreign theatre - theory terminology, primarily the issues of terminology, focues on the creation of a theatre piece.
  3. To introduce the principles of the function of a theatre piece and its components.

Mode of study

Concept presentation, discussion, reading and analysis of theory texts, recording analyses.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirement for this course.

Course contents

The elective course Theatre Theory for continuing master's study at the Dept. of Alternative and Puppet Theatre is devoted to an analysis of the particular media aspects of theatre ans is to clarify to students the uniqueness of Czech thought on theare in relation to their own creations. Students are familiarized with this through critical readings of pivotal texts, primarily the Czech „post-Zich“ structural-semiotic school and an analysis of exceptional Czech stagings, which they view in the course (incl. selected DISK stagings and their own works). As well, the course offers students and integration of knowledge into the context of theatre theory abroad and theory of art (performativity E. Fischer-Lichte, post-drama theatre H.T. Lehman, etc.) The conclusion is to serve students as a greater understanding of the subject of their study and its further research in their own practice.

The classes take place roughly once every 14 days and will be either a viewing of performances or, possibly, a critical analysis of texts in a non-formal extra-curricular space at a time which all can attend.

Recommended or required reading

Divadlo (časopis, ročníky 1956-1970)

Divadelní revue (časopis, ročníky 1990-2011)

Císař Jan: Proměny divadelního jazyka

Etlík Jaroslav: Divadlo jako zakoušení

Honzl Jindřich: K novému významu umění

Lehmann Han-Thies: Postdramatické divadlo

Mukařovský Jan: Studie z estetiky

Mejerchol Vsevolod: Rekonstrukce divadla

Pokorný Jaroslav: Složky divadelního výrazu

Pavis Patrice: Divadelní slovník

Souřadnice a kontexty současné německé divadelní teorie (ed. J. Roubal)

Vostrý Jaroslav: Režie je umění

Vostrý Jaroslav: Ejzenštejnovy lekce divadelní režie

Základní pojmy divadla (teatrologický slovník, ed. P. Pavlovský)

Zich Otakar: Estetika dramatického umění

Assessment methods and criteria

The students are expected to regularly prepare for classes, that is, readings of selected texts and viewing selected performances. Student evaluations will originate in class participation and a final oral exam which confirms student skills in analysing covered topics. Grades and credit are awarded based on a minimum of 75% attendance.


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