Integrative Creative Workshop - Handicap and Crisis as Challenge to Creativity 1

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205IKD1 Z 1 30S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Collaborative theatre activity in a workshop attempts to bridge social, physical and mental barriers. Through exercises, etudes and concurrent reflection, by sharing and communicating, this is an education in theatre and opportunities for expression itself. Finding understanding and agreement and investigating the social and aesthetic character of theatre.

Mode of study

Contact instruction.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Acting and movment training, willingness to experiment, active participation in the workshop. Completion of or concurrent participation in the „Theatre Anthropology“ course.

Course contents

An integrated workshop, open to students from any DAMU department and other schools, which intends to develop the creativity and provoke the personal development of the students with various types of disadvantages (health, existential, national, age) and students without disabilities.

Recommended or required reading

BARBA, Eugenio; SAVARESE, Nicola. Slovník divadelní antropologie: O skrytém umění herců. Přel. Jan Hančil, Dana Kalvodová, Jitka Sloupová a Nina Vangeli. Praha: NLN; Praha: Divadelní ústav, 2000. 288 s. Přel. z: A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology. The Secret Art of the Performer. ISBN 80-7008-109-0 (DÚ). ISBN 80-7106-369-X (NLN).

BRAUN, Kazimierz. Druhá divadelní reforma? Přel. Jiří Vondráček. Praha: Divadelní ústav; Praha: Městská knihovna; Praha: AMU; Brno: JAMU, 1993. 176 s. Přel. z: Druga reforma teatru? ISBN 80-7008-037-X.

PILÁTOVÁ, Jana. Hnízdo Grotowského: Na prahu divadelní antropologie. Praha: Insdtitut umění-Divadelní ústav, 2009. 584 s. ISBN 978-80-70008-239-3.

PILÁTOVÁ, Jana (ed.). Jerzy Grotowski a Teatr Laboratorium: Texty: (první část). Praha: Pražské kulturní středisko, 1990130 s. ISBN 80-85040-05-3.

---. Jerzy Grotowski a Teatr Laboratorium: Texty: (druhá část. Praha: Pražské kulturní středisko, 1990. 126 s. ISBN 80-85040-07-7.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on activity in exercises.


For 3rd year students.

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