Graduation Theses Project 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
206DIJ1 ZK 5 8T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to help students select a topic, assemble a schedule for completion, advise on how to procede in the bibliography and practical research, how to manage the acquired materials and how to arrange and lay it out. Then in individual and group consultations, the instructors of the given master's specialization assist in achieving the established research aims.

Mode of study

Instruction is through a group class in which individual topics of dissertation research and practice tasks are discussed and student mutually inspire each other with shared questions and issues. Aside from this the classes are based on individual consultations focused on resolving particular issues of individual dissertations.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

This course covers individual research and practice tasks for the thesis paper and students mutually inspire one another with the sharing of questions and issues. Aside from this the classes are based on individual consultations focused on resolving particular problems of individual papers.

Recommended or required reading

Eco, U.: Jak napsat diplomovou práci

Theatre producing:

ADORNO, Theodor W.: Schéma masové kultury, OIKOYMENH, Praha, 2009

ADORNO, Theodor W., HORKHEIMER Max: Dialektika osvícenství, OIKOYMENH, Praha, 2009

ARENDTOVÁ Hannah: Krize kultury, Mladá fronta, Praha, 1994

BENJAMIN, Walter: Umělecké dílo ve věku své technické reprodukovatelnosti, in Výbor z díla I, Literárněvědné studie, OIKOYMENH, Praha, 2009

HABERMAS, Jürgen: Strukturální přeměna veřejnosti, Filosofia, Praha, 2000

NÜNNING, Ansgar (ed.): Lexikon teorie literatury a kultury, Host, Brno, 2008

Arts management and arts marketing:

BYRNES, William J., Management and the Arts, 3. vyd., Focal Press, 2003,ISBN: 0-240-80537-2

KOTLER, Philip, SCHEFF, Joanne, Standing room only, Harvard Bussiness school press 1997, ISBN: 0-87584-737-4

KAISER, Michael M., Strategické plánování v umění: Praktický průvodce, Institut umění - Divadelní ústav, 2009, ISBN 978-80-7008-236-2

+ relevant resorces for assigned topics according to the course instructors recommendations.

Assessment methods and criteria

The requirements for completing the course are on-going consultations on the master's project with a particular instructor, attendance at group classes

After the first semester there are public presentations on a date established by the dept. before a commission of dept. instructors according to the following criteria:

AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE the presentation, the student uploads to the site repository an ON-GOING REPORT of the project maintaining the following:

Extent: 5-7 standard pages of a related essay + attachements.

Required content:

  1. Justification of topic choice, measure of personal relationship the selected topic.
  2. Establishment of research tasks (project aim, limitations, justification).
  3. Project plan (stages, methods).
  4. Description and justification of individual project plan steps.
  5. Implemented stages: description and results.
  6. Commented (reviewed) selection of literature, including web links.

A merge of submitted material including addendums into one document in PDF format is preferred.

Grades are given by a commission comprised of the Photography Dept. awarded to the student based on the following criteria (% = criteria weight):

As this is a main study course, according to AMU rules this exam MAY NOT BE REPEATED.

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