Cultural strategies 1

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206EKG1 Z 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 29 to 39 hours of self-study English summer

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Culture is a system of values hwich surround and form us and of which we are all a part. Do we understand each other when we speak about culture? Do public experts understand artistic policy or civil servants, the citizens? We will speak about culture in the context of the EU, state and city, strategic steps to culture and documents which the cultural system of the city creates.

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the importance of culture for social development and enable an bearing in the public management of culture, strategic documents and concepts.

Mode of study

Lectures, classes.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General knowledge of the importance of culture planning and overview of fundamental documents.

Course contents

  1. Culture of the Czech Republic. Concept of Czech Republic culture in relation to the EU, Czech Republic strategic cultural documents, legislation covering culture, concept particulars.
  2. Cultural city plan. Cultural policy vs. strategie, strategic cultural planning, culture management, methods, overview of concept documents, case studies from abroad.
  3. Culture as the potential for city development. Development driven by culture, soft factors development, Bilbao effect, cases from abroad.
  4. Brownfields.

Brown fields on the map of the city, cutural factories, city development potential, cultural social aspects, economic aspects, examples from abroad.

Recommended or required reading

Věra Patočková a kol.: Kultura v krajích České republiky

Martin Cikánek: Kulturní a kreativní průmysly v České republice;

Colin Mercer: Convergence, Creative Industries and Civil Society: Towards a New Agenda for Cultural Policy and Cultural Studies;

G. Richards & R. Palmer: EVENTFUL CITIES;


Colin Mercer: Cultural planning for urban development;

Koncepce kulturní politiky Hl. m. Prahy

Strategický plán Hl. m. Prahy

Creative industries in Talinn

National Cultural policy, Australian Government

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