Fundraising II.

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206FRB1 Z 1 24S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mode of study

In individual lessons principles of long-term work with a donator and development of donation potential is emphasized. Students have the opportunity in the course to work on their own project and plan the development of resources for defined goals. During the implementation of their projects, students apply knowledge and skill acquired in both courses (Fundraising 1 and Fundraising 2). The course takes place in part through E-learning, particularly the individual consultations over student projects.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

206FUA1 Fundraising I. 1

Course contents

The course is divided into 8 topics:

  1. Developing a grant request for a project
  1. The written development of a project step by step
  1. Corporate donations
  1. Types of corporate support
  1. Individual donations
  1. Individual donation methods
  1. Legal aspects of fundraising
  1. Fundraising planning

Recommended or required reading

Over 100 pages of study material is provided by the lector in the beginning of the course. Sections of the program refer to electronic sources of further information particularly in English but also in Czech.

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