Politics of Grants 1

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206GPO1 Z 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students acquire knowledge about potentially receiving grants and donated support for project implementation, about the grant cycle, manner of designing project requests and related argumentation.

Mode of study

Classes, Moderation discussion and discussions, Text analyses.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

206GTP1 Grants in practice 1

Course contents

Subjects providing support in the Czech Republic.

Formality connected to submitting requests.

Writing project requests.

Reasoning for receiving support.

Support for international collaborations.

Community programs.

Survey of cultural support in EU structural support.

Assesment of project results, evaluation.

Logical framework of a project.

Consulting on student projects.

Zlomvaz - subsidies, grants - example project.

Recommended or required reading

Koncepce účinnější podpory umění na léta 2007-2013, MK 2006, ISBN 80-86310-62-0

SMOLÍKOVÁ, Marta ed. Management umění,VSUP, 2008, ISBN 978-80-86863-24-5

SMOLÍKOVÁ, Marta, Kulturní neziskové organizace v ČR a podpora umění, SAD XIV/4 a www.proculture.cz

Otevřená společnost, o.p.s. www.proculture.cz ISSN 1214-8369

Výroční zprávy ministerstva kultury

Informace o poskytování dotací NNO (ke stažení na www.proculture.cz, Knihovna)

Econnect o.s. , http://nno.ecn.cz

Česká kancelář programu Culture, http://www.programculture.cz

Assessment methods and criteria

Final written test.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
02.10.2019 14:00–18:00 Denisa VÁCLAVOVÁ
lecture parallel1
03.10.2019 14:00–18:00 Denisa VÁCLAVOVÁ
lecture parallel1

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