Producing Theatre I. 2

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206PDA2 ZK 3 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the issues of managing staging from the premier to final performance. The students get to know the fundamental rules of serial and repertoire and „seasonal“ repertoire operation, fundamental specifics of theatre types.

Further, the students are introduced to theatre promotion activity issues and the types, financial evaluation of promotions. PR.

As well, the students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge with professionals in the field.

Mode of study

Based on the independent study of recommended literature and sources, students develop the course work on an assigned topic. The course work is presented by the students during the course and the subsequent moderated discussions are notes of comparison to modern practice.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of following subjects:

206ZDP1&2 - Basics of Theatre Producing 1&2.

206PDA1 - Producing Theatre I. 1.

Course contents

Students are introduced to production operations from premiere to final perfromance. Part of the evaluation will be the independent coursework and subsequent discussions for manners of processing and confirming knowledge of the selected topic. Ability of the student to respond to issues arising in discussion.

Required: 80% attendance, task completion and success in examinations.

From premiere to final performance.

Production operations

Assembling a play/rehearsal plan

Series vs. repertoire vs. „season“

Specifics of the fundamental types of theatre performances

Traveling activities of the theatre

Theatre promotional activities

PR in theatre

Recommended or required reading

Legislation 320/2001 Sb. Legislation regarding financial control

Ordinance MF ČR 64/2002 Sb.

Copyright law 121/2000 Sb.

Assessment methods and criteria

80% class participation, completion of assignments and passing of the written exam are required.

Credit is awarded based on:

class participation - 20%,

completion of the course paper - 15%,

paper presentation - 15%,

final test - 50%.

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