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206USE1 Z 1 24S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to introduce students to the broad spectrum of issues regarding issues in theatre production from the viewpoint of history and contemporary trends, influence of other types of art, political, and economic situations.

As well, the aim is to introduce students to the current state and development of theatre networks in Prague in all their forms (an overview of theatre networks throughout the Czech Republic follows as a separate course: 206DVS1 and 2 - Theatre Networks in the Czech Republic). Thereby,this will uncover the effects of various influences on theatre (various types of art, political and economic situations) and to uncover the broader issues of theatre production demonstrated in analyses of attended perfomances and theatre spaces.

Mode of study

Intensive week-long interactive course and exercises. During the seven days, students complete a series of all-day classes supplemented by visits to a wide-range of Prague theatres and their performances. The course includes meetings with management representatives in the theatres, analyses of homework and viewed performances.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirements.

Course contents

A glimpse into the issues of theatre production from the viewpoint of history and modern theatre work. Classes are discussions on individual students' written work and a wide spectrum of currently attended theatre productions (considering the type, genre, operational differences and economic provisions).

  1. A brief history of the most important phases of theatre production.
  2. Basic theatre terminology.
  3. The production team and the characteristics of its individual elements.
  4. The fundamentals of production in the implementation of short production examples.
  5. Analysis and interpretation of the Prague theatre network based on personal attendance to individual theatre and cutural centers (key places on the Prague theatre map), meeting with leading figures of theatre life and personal attendance at theatre performances.

Recommended or required reading

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Slovník literární teorie. Praha: Čs. spisovatel 1977

Assessment methods and criteria

Conditions for successfull completion of the course: 100% class and lecture attendance. Participation in discussions. Completion and presentation of all homework assignments.


This course takes place always on the last week of the Winter semester. The intensive instruction occurs in all-day blocks supplemented by evening performance attendances.

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