History and transformations of theatre criticism 1

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In the course „Development of Czech Theatre Criticism“ the student is to become acquainted with the basic development phases of Czech theatre criticism and main figures who formed this discipline. Aside from this the course covers contexts of Czech theatre theory, awareness of some principal and fundamental opinions and standpoints as an understanding of the overall theory system which influenced the development of Czech theatre criticism.

Mode of study

Lecture, course work, moderated discussion.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge in the development of Czech Theatre from the Renaissance.

Course contents

The development of Czech Theatre Critique is conceived of as a part of the development of Czech theater and part of the Czech idea of theatre based on the fundaments of theatre theory and overlapping into other areas of general arts theory and other art types theories. Chronologically, this development is traced from roughly the first decade of the 19th century to the 1960s.

  1. Classical - J. K. Chmelenský and J. Jungmann.
  2. Romance - J. J. Kolár, J. K. Tyl, F. B. Mikovec.
  3. Forming the program of city theatre - K. Havlíček Borovský, Kolár, Mikovec.
  4. Jan Neruda - positive and dynamic critique.
  5. Herbartimus - Josef Durdík and Otakar Hostinský.
  6. Realism - V. Mrštík, H. G. Shauer.
  7. The birth of modern critique - F. X. Šalda, Jindřích Vodák, Václav Tille, Otokar Fischer.
  8. Zich's Aesthetics of the Drama Arts and its influence on Czech Theatre ideas.
  9. Structuralism - his basis in th view of theatre - Mukařovský's paper on theatre.
  10. Post-War discussions about the directing and further development of theatre.
  11. Return of aesthetic criteria to theatre critique - Jan Grossman.
  12. Theatre Critique of the 60's.

Recommended or required reading

Study materials are assigned in regards to the topics selected by students.

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation (credit and grade) are awarded based on:

Active participation in moderated discussions, completion and evaluation of the course paper and oral exam.

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