Assistance on Upper-Year Films

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302AF Z 2 7/D Czech winter and summer

Subject guarantor

Bohdan SLÁMA

Name of lecturer(s)

Bohdan SLÁMA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mastering the theory basics in film production from preparatory work to final completion.Fullfillment of assisting on a film during the Bachelor's study.

Mode of study

přímá fyzická asistence

Prerequisites and co-requisites

určeno nejlépe pro studenty prvního či druhého ročníku bakalářského studia

Course contents

Bachelor students (Best situation - 1st and 2nd year study) collaborate as assistants to the director for 3rd year students of the Bachelor's study films.

Students master the theory basics in the production of a film from preparation to completion.

The aim of the assistants job in the shooting period is, similar to preparatory work, extensive proper and required coordination activities.

  1. Knowledge of the intentions of the cameraman and student director of a higher year of study
  2. Transfer of all information.
  3. Collaboration with the production crew in assembling the daily setup
  4. Caring for the actors
  5. Preparing extras
  6. Checking costumes and props
  7. Organizing the shoot location.

Recommended or required reading

student čerpá z praktických a teoretických znalostí získaných během studia

Assessment methods and criteria

vykonání asistence


Předmět lze splnit kdykoli během celého studia.

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