Science communication at the AFO festival

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303MKAFO Z 2 16SS English, Czech summer

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expanding knowledge of current trends in science, technology and education

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modular teaching KDT FAMU

Lecturer: coordinator BcA. Petr Salaba (

Date and time: 29-30. 4. 2022, AFO Olomouc, Konvikt

Assignement: participation in at least 5 events from the AFO program + reflection essay (2 standard pages) on a selected topic

Capacity: maximum 5

Optional for: FAMU

Language of teaching: english, czech

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The International Festival of Popular Science Films has been organized by Palacký University in Olomouc since 1966. Over the years, the chamber closed event has become one of the largest educational events in Europe. It is a unique festival in the Czech Republic, which has hosted scientists such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, robotics visionary Hiroshi Ishiguro, or AI philosopher Susan Schneider.

Accreditation and accommodation (28 April - 1 May 2022) is available free of charge for 5 FAMU students at the 57th AFO 2022 International Festival. In addition to the public program, students will also have full access to the industry section, including a conference for film professionals. and pitching of upcoming films.

The module starts on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 10 am, when students of KDT FAMU Petr Salaba, whose film essay IIIIIIIIIIIII won the award for the best Czech and Slovak popular science film at the AFO festival in 2018 and who in 2019 won the personal Spotlight Award for promising young documentary filmmakers. Together we will discuss the functioning of the festival, the ecosystem of scientific documentary and science communication in the Czech Republic and in the world.

The program includes, for example, a case study of the development of vaccines against covid-19, a scientific view of environmental issues, a debate on the surveillance of capitalism and artificial intelligence, and the position of women in science. It is possible to participate in the module from Thursday to Sunday or only from Friday to Saturday. The condition of the credit is participation in at least five events from the AFO program: industry or public festival screenings and submission of a written reflection.

Conference 4Science

Corpus Christi Chapel, Konvikt

29 - 30/4/2022


11:00 | Opening talk + case-study | 60 min

I am not throwing away my shot: Vaccine – The Inside Story (2021) case-study

Guests: Janet Tobias, Archie Baron

Moderator: Jamie Jacobsen

12:30 | Lunch | 90 min

14:00 | Case-study | 60 min - in CZ only

Development of 3-2-1 Start: Martin Jůza

15:30 | Talk | 60 min

Walter Greenleaf: Virtual Reality Technology, Machine Learning, Biosensing Converging to Transform healthcare

16:00 | Presentations | 60 min | Theater Hall

Young Scientists of PU

17:00 | Talk | 60 min

Sheila Hayman: Hope Against the Machines

19:00 | Panel | 90 mins | Cinema Metropol

Science Film and Hope

Guests: Theo Anthony, Peter Galison, Jamie Jacobsen, Pernille Rose Grønkjær

Moderator: Monika A. Koperska


10:00 | Pitching | 120 min

Camp 4Science: Pitching of projects

12:00 | Lunch | 90 min

13:30 | Talk | 60 min

MEMORY is…: Theo Anthony, Riel Roch-Decter

15:00 | panel | 90 min - in CZ only

Influencing Science

Guests: Sara Polak, Patrik Kořenář, Pavla Hubálková, Adéla Chalupová, Amálie Kovářová

17:00 | stand-up | 120 min | Regional Museum venue - in Czech only

Boring Conference

Guests: Petr Fridrich, Roman Kyzlink, Jaroslav Cerman, Ondřej Lidický, Martin Dočkal, Tomáš Kachel, Radim Jachek, Daniel Kunz

Moderator: Martin Vasquez

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Assessment methods and criteria

participation in at least 5 events from the AFO program + reflection essay (2 standard pages) on a selected topic


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This course is an elective for all students of this school

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29.04.2022 Petr SALABA
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30.04.2022 Petr SALABA
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