Documentary: Assembly in Poněšice 1

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303SOU1 Z 1 4/D Czech summer

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Creativity and a completed school film for presentation.

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The group study assembly which joins student of all study years with Documentary Dept. instructors and enables important study review and inter-student discussions. Morning and afternoon block are made up of screenings of rough edits of completed student practice exercises from all study years - analysis and discussion on content and form ofthe film piece. Traditionally this is a unique meeting of instructors and students of the entire department, filled with fruitfull discussions on film, and the situation and events inside the department and the world around. The assembly is also attended by doctoral candidates and graduate of the Documentary Dept. - each participant brings their own particular education (many studied at other institutions) to the debate on contemporary issues in sociology, political science and philosophy. The evening blocks are comprised of the screenings of at lease 2 films from world cinematography resources.

Recommended or required reading

Recommended literature:

DANTE ALIGHIERI. Božská komedie. Překlad Jaroslav Vrchlický. Praha: Dobrovský, 2014. 637 s. Omega. ISBN 978-80-7390-198-1.

PŁAŻEWSKI, Jerzy. Filmová řeč. Překlad Zdeněk Smejkal. 1. vyd. Praha: Orbis, 1967. 461 s., [64] s. obr. příl. Filmové publikace.

MUKAŘOVSKÝ, Jan a CHVATÍK, Květoslav, ed. Studie z estetiky. Vyd. 1. Praha: Odeon, 1966. 371 s. Estetická knihovna; sv. 3.

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