The Camera in Documentary Film 4

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304KDF4 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Systematic preparations of Camera Dept. students for the cameraman function in shooting a documentary film. Camera Dept. students acquire fundamental skills for working with the cameraman.

Mode of study

During the semester the student shoots with a 35mm film camera onto B/W negative material. The developed negative is submitted to NFA (National Film Archives) and from a DVCAM transfer one's own version of CHRONICLE is composed in the editing room. The resulting edit is submitted for the Summary Exam.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A requirement is completion of the basics of camera work in the framework of the 1st and 2nd year Camera Dept. study.

Course contents


Shooting the Cameraman film MAN - PORTRAIT - CHRONICLE project

Camera dept. students are tasked to shoot a short silent image recording (122m of color 16mm negative material) - a portrait of a man - a „father“ - a notable Czech cameraman. Documentary dept. students arrange the supplementary sound recording - a conversation on a cassette. Together they edit their recordings in the editing room to an electronic form (Avid, FinalCut). The presentation of the project will be the year's work final committee for the Camera dept.

Recommended or required reading

Petr Prokop - Současné filmové kamery

Petr Prokop - Zakládání filmových kamer

Rudolf Adler - Cesta k filmovému dokumentu

Béla Balázs - Film. Vývoj a podstata nového umenia.

Slovenské vydavatelstvo krásnej literatury 1958

Film je umění - Sborník statí Orbis Praha 1963

Guido Aristarco - Dějiny filmových teorií Orbis Praha 1968

Robert Flaherty - Materiály k dějinám dokumentárního filmu

Anton Wilson´s - Cinema Workshop

Kodak - Student Filmmaker´s Handbook

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for the screening of edited material of a completed work.

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