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304MCGP Z 1 2 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 24 to 29 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Through the series of seminars the students will learn how broad and organically changing is the field of documentary film,

how the styles cross and overlap.

Realizing the many channels of distribution from the traditional movie theatre and festival presentation , classic TV broadcast to social media and digital distribution.

Mode of study

on-line zoom meeting

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Meeting ID: 749 5798 8200

Passcode: JEezf5

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Students will apply their skills and technical knowledge from other courses and seminars in CINKK program.

Course contents

In a series of seminars the students will get acquainted with history of documentary film. Screening the excerpts of the films that marked the development both in the content and the style of documentary film. These films will be analyzed in class with regard to the role of a camera person and their choice of tools .

The students will become conscious of what these tools are , how did they change in the course of documentary film history and how to use them and how they can offer them to director in close cooperation on a film.

Discussion and analysis of films which were the milestones of documentary cinema development.

Analysis of the students’ films from Documentary Film department

Topics from the parallel seminar Film Language Essentials applied on documentary film.

Working with light in documentary film.

Documentary camera techniques and specifics.

„From Bolex to GoPro” explaining the importance of choosing the right tools

for the given project, discussing the latest developments in camera technology for documentary film.

Discussion with international guests during on line seminars.

Documentary cinema and large format/large screen presentation (Imex, Immersive Cinema)

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Assessment methods and criteria

100% attendance


Joint this class on zoom on the 26th of May at 5 p.m.

Link is here:

Meeting ID: 749 5798 8200

Passcode: JEezf5

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