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304SPO Z 2 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Two-part exercises shooting using completely different methods and various aesthetic values.

Mode of study

Following the screenings will be an analysis of the submitted exercise.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Demonstration of camera experience from the previous year.

Course contents

This exercises is intended to examine the topic of sport whose main element is movement and the drama and aesthetics arising from them. For this reason we recommend dividing the exercises into two parts:

  1. Using all expressive film media, that is, optics, lighting, camera movement, editing and all available recording methods, to provide a view into interesting aesthetic moments according to one's own selection. The result can also be presented as a visual study or sequential intended for use in advertisement. The material may also be processed in the film lab. It may not be recorded in a single shot without an increased recording frequency being the dominant element. Film overspeeding may only be partial.

The aim of the shot is a moment and the best manner of creating the aesthetic value.

  1. This part of the exercise has a completely different importance. The emphasis is placed on the capturing of a unique unrepeatable moment in a branch of sport as a sports report, best with a hand camera. A deciding factor of the exercise is the diffence in the cameraman's view of the same genre. The sequencing should be a complete whole in the dramaturgical aspect as well. An emphasis is placed on both parts of the exercise on the technical level of the resulting material.

Exercise preparations:

For the first part a screenplay will be given containing the number of shots and their presumed lengths.

For the second part merely a topic and presumed interesting event for a report.

Recommended or required reading

approved screenplay

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit will be awarded after a screening before the Summary Commission.



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