1st year production workshop 2

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Study-year 2, Workshop 1 is designed as an advanced introduction to issues in producer performances and covers production, and attempts to give students the potential to look at issues in the rise of any audio-visual project from various perspectives.

The lesser theory part of the workshop is devoted primarily to consultations and building school practice assignments/films. The workshop is focused primarily on managing basic skills in producer performance and adapting beginning students in the production of a film in the FAMU Studio which is constructed for this close collaboration purpose. Instruction is supplemented by group classes with other departments whose aim is to facilitate collaboration on the emergent film - etude. These group classes are part of the schedule which support the fundamental phases of group discussion in the development and execution of a film according to individual phases of AVD production (from the first pitching, through executive meeting, group screenings, shots, off-line and finished pieces).

At the theory level students, during the course of both semesters, are familiarized with the environment for an emerging audio-visual piece in general. In individual classes, aside from the construction of the recording plan and budget analyses of films, is also the structuring of teh basic relationships of the film crew, elimination of risk in recording, administration in AVD production with an emphasis on actual practice in the film and television industry.

In the Summer semester are preparation and execution of group films. Classes are according to time opportunities as opposed to the Winter semester which are supplemented by the participation of professional in the field who provide students with an overview of their perspective (location, music resource owner, image post-production, etc.)

Students, outside of the aformentioned activity are regularly given assignments - presentation on subjects through which it is possible to finance an AVD and other information about current events which are focused on a general producer's overview of the surroundings of film entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and abroad, which are supplemented by discussions.

Recommended or required reading

121/2000 Sb. Autorský zákon

496/2012 Sb. Zákon o audiovizuálních dílech a podpoře kinematografie a o změně některých zákonů (zákon o audiovizi)

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Zápočet je udělen na základě účasti v hodině a aktivitě při tvorbě cvičení.

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