Consumer-Oriented Marketing

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305MONS ZK 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To teach students to understand the basic principles of marketing considerations from the creation of a new product to its introduction into the market and product management / brand. We explain an basic analysis of the surrounding environment, internal and external factors, target group segmentation, concept of the marketing mix and marketing plan. Constituent „Ps“ of the marketing mix and their sense in a product's lifecycle. The particulars of flim and television production appear, particularly, in the areas of pricing and the marketing of the arts, non-profit marketing and marketing public media.

Mode of study

Lectures and discussions with students over current marketing events beyond regular media marketing information. Hospodarske Noviny and TV are particularly used. Some screenings and instructor powerpoint presentations are used in lecture.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic bearing in supply and demand theory. Knowledge of basic economic concepts. Desire to forget some myths.

Course contents

  1. What is marketing? What are the needs of the customer (particularly the distinctive functional, emotional and statutory needs)? Consumer behaviour (the decision process in selecting a product.).
  2. Concept of target group, target group segmentation, purpose and segmentation procedures used in the Czech Republic (direct, life cycle, life style)
  3. Concept of product distribution. Classical forms through retail chains and one's brand for the producers distribution role. Direct sales and the role of the internet.
  4. Concept of the marketing mix. Various concepts but one basic.
  5. Merchandise - Product - Service. The role of the brand. Global and local brands. Examples of brand communications in the Czech Republic.
  6. Concept of image, What is it? Product and Company image. Concept of positioning. What is its purpose and who works with it. (Ex: Fernet Stock * Becherovka)
  7. Investigating and using marketing opportunities
  1. Investment in Customer Relationship Management, applicable processes
  2. Public relations investment
  3. Market research investment and working with the information acquired.
  4. Marketing communications.

Recommended or required reading

Philip Kotler, Marketing, libovolné vydání Grada po roce 1995

Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, libovolné vydání Grada

Dušan Pavlů, Efektivní marketingová komunikace, Grada

Gustav Tomek, Věra Vávrová, Výrobek a jeho úspěch na trhu, Grada

Kjell, A. Nodrström, Jonas Ridderstale : Funky Business, Grada 2005

Časopisy Marketing & Media, Strategie, Trend marketing

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessed is the understanding of issues. In the exam the student will be placed in a situation in which a marketing task must be resolved. In the resolving of the problem judged will be, how much marketing considerations will be used and basic principles understood. No definitions are required. Part of the assessment is the participation of the student during lectures.

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 330
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Tue 12:20–13:55 Ivan TOMEK Room No. 330
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