Practical Dramaturgy 2

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306PD2 ZK 2 26S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Ability to not only analyse existing film works, but primarily to employ acquired knowledge in one's own creation.

Mode of study

moderated discussions, analyses of media recorded samples.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of the course „Practical Dramaturgy 1“.

Course contents

A practical introduction to dramaturgy - the primary elements, structure, and rules of the structure of a film, including the structural-dramaturgical specifics of individual film genres, taking into account the model definition of a story, as practised in American cinematography, and the seeming dramaturgical „open-endedness“ of auteur and independent film.

Recommended or required reading

Biróová,Y. Teorie filmové dramaturgie. Praha 1975

Císař, J. Základy dramaturgie. Situace. Praha 1999

Daniel, F. Stručný přehled vývoje evropských dramatických teorií. 1963

Daniel, F., Dvořák, F.A., Kratochvíl, M.V. ABC scénáristiky. Praha 1963

Kerr, W. Jak nepsat hru. Praha 1963

Mathausová, M. 12 pádů scénáristiky. Praha 1996

Novotný, D.J. Chcete psát scénář? I. Základy dramaturgie. II. Žánry v hraném filmu. Praha 2000

Škvorecký, J. Nápady čtenáře detektivek. 1963

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

activity in lectures


completion of the final exam

minimum participation of 70% of the total instruction hours.



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