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311ITDA2 credit 4 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 69 to 89 hours of self-study English summer

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Introduction to Directing 2 will continue on from the 1st part that was given during the Fall semester and explore in more depth key elements of directing with more emphasis on small practical exercises. The exercises will consist of both in-class exercises as well as filmmaking homeworks between the classes.

The aim of part 2 is to focus in topics such as the long take, directing dialogue and poetic sequences both as craft and as artistic expression. Some topics such as protagonists and non-narrative sequences will also explore alternatives to standard narrative fiction concepts.

The classes will be split into theoretical analysis of existing films, practical works ranging from storyboarding to filming short exercises and to analysis of the students works. The class will follow the schedule of the APP directing program, incorporating their production schedule for their Final Film. This means having an exercise that allows them to plan and test shoot a scene from their project in the beginning, and having the filming exercises happen in the beginning and end of the semester, leaving the middle part, when they are filming their own projects, for theoretical topic and in-class exercises.

The practical exercises are to give the student a safe opportunity to test out the practice of planning, shooting and editing and what this real world context means for their imagination and the execution of their artistic ideas. The practical task should therefore help the students find their voice through given limitations that should encourage creative solutions.


Exercise 1 – Three Times Three – a 3 act structure showed with three shots (each act according to one shot) each of which uses three different shot sizes.

Exercise 2 – Shoot a scene from their Final Project – To prepare and shoot a scene. This scene will be based on their work for their Final Film, as such they will need to shoot a single scene or moment from their project.

Exercise 3 – Poetic Film – students will plan a narrative-poetical film that they will shoot on their own over the week.

Exercise 4 – Table for Three – table exercise in which three characters are sitting behind a table and having a discussion. The students have to come up with the dialogue.

Exercise 5 – Remaking Bad – Remaking Bad. Students are given a clip from a “bad” film which they have to analyze and re-imagine to make it “good”, including shooting it.

Learning outcomes

The students will have a working knowledge of different directing approaches in all stages of a project.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Attendance is mandatory.



Evaluation methods and criteria

Finishing assigned homework.



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