Postproduction Workflow Module II (film)

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311MPWM2 credit 2 English summer

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At the end of this course you will be able to:

• Plan your offline editing process

• Input and manage KeyCode

• Know the offline workaround of film

• Telecine/Scanning/DI

• Restrictions in editing softwares

• Prepare your project for grading / sound design

• How to insert subtitles / credits

• Prepare and create the master of your project

• Deliver a high-quality master file (film print / DCP / HiRes )

• Create different versions for different uses (Vimeo/ Cinema/ etc)

This seminar will mainly focus on workflows with film cameras. It’s a follow up of the previous semester’s seminar focusing on digital (Postproduction workflow module I (digital))

Learning outcomes

Students will learn the workflows applied when shooting on film.

Prerequisites and other requirements

No special skills expected, just be on time and ready to learn something new. A background in editing or cinematography is recommended. Participation in the previous module “Postproduction workflow module I” is an advantage.


Evaluation methods and criteria

The lecturer assesses students’ participation and work in course of the module.



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