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311PORE credit 4 English winter

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Students edit documentary Portrait exercise for Directing, Editing and Documentary specialization APP students.

Please read carefully Portrait exercise outcome:

Directing and Editing:

Up to 10 min documetary portrait of a single person in its natural environment (or the envioronment given by the concept). The film might be also fiction, pedagogical aim is to work with one person. Creative limit is no usage of synch sound in direct speech (possibly except of situation). No synch sound!!


The student make a choice of event or a process, which develops in time of few hours, maximum one day, and make a dynamic film report without using synch sound (and making

additional sound composition based on sounds collected on the place. Film uses key elements of real process (characters, way of development) to build narrative structure.

Learning outcomes

Editing students learn to edit a documentary with (almost) no synch sound. They use juxtaposition of sound and image to emphasize the impact on the viewer with keeping the documantary project clearly understandable and intriguing.

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Evaluation methods and criteria

Students edit under the mentors' supervision and the project is evaluated during the February screening of Fall term project. It is pass/fail grade.



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