The History of World Cinema 2

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The lecture and screening series aim, in the three semesters, is to provide a basic knowledge of the development of world cinema from its prehistory to the 1980s, particularly its most significant types, genres, currents, styles and figures from the aspect of the entire cinematic repository, including politics, economics, arts and from the viewpoint of lifestyle of the audience, etc.

The lectures and screenings are the basic knowledge, necessary for a better understanding of the context of the specialized lectures.

Mode of study

Lecture supplemented by film samples and study projects.

Information from lecture is supplemented by study of presented literature and individual „close reading“ of recommended films.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge of the history of world cinema up to 1945, general knowledge of world literature, fine arts, photography and world history. Knowledge of English as well.

Course contents


Three-semester lectures in the history of world film designed as a comprehensive introduction to the history of film for first and second year students. The lectures attempt, in accordance with so called new film history, to acquaint students not only with the aesthetic and biographic aspects of cinema (artistically significant artists and currents, their mutual relationships, links to other types of art, etc.) but as well with the social-cutural, economic and institutional, which defined cinema to a certain extent and which also influence them. This course is supplemented with regular screenings of selected films.

Part II deals with the history of world cinema from 1930s to 1960s.

Recommended or required reading


David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson: Film History (1997)

Assessment methods and criteria

Each (of the three) semesters in the series is concluded with an oral exam in which one of the fundamental topics is tested. The second is supplementary and the third is about a film. (execept in very exceptional and significant cases, knowledge of the exact year of production of a film or phenomenon will not be required: +/- 5 year precision is sufficient, ex; half of the 20s, turn of the 40s to 50s, beginning of the 60s, etc.)

Attendance is a requirement for grading - attendance at screenings is required - 3 absences are allowed.


The aim of this lecture and screening cycle is, in three semesters, to give fundamental knowledge of the development of world cinema from its pre-history to the 1980s, particularly, the most important types, genres, directions, styles and persons from a standpoint of the overall cinema, i.e. including political, economic, artistic relationships and people's lifestyles, etc.

The lectures and screenings are the foundational knowledge necessary for a better understanding of the relationships of specialized lectures.

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This course is an elective for all AMU students

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Wed 09:00–11:25 Jan BERNARD Projection Room
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Wed 11:30–13:55 Jan BERNARD Room No. 1
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