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373KLZK1 ZK 1 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The summary exam is comprised of a presentation of the summary work by the student, defense in a colloquium and subsequent discussion of the work. The requirement for taking the summary exam is completion of exercises which were part of the implementation workshop.

  1. Confession

Documentary video exercise which uses oral history principles. The student learns to watch with open eyes around themselves and embody this newfound reality into a moving image and sound recording.

  1. „Do I need to share this with you?“

This exercises serves as an introduction to film language. The student prepares a simple topic with which they are internally connected and they would like to tell the audience using film expression. The resulting piece should demonstrate one's position towards the topic, create communication using image language. Emphasis is place on how in the process a piece arises with its ability to communicate with others.

  1. Topical and formally free piece which assess the knowledge gained during the first year and came from group work in the implementation workshop.

This may be a more develped version of the results of any block exercise or completely different piece.

Assignments of other summary work, investigating topics and their gradual crystalizing form are free and create part of the students individual work and group work which is presented at the workshop and other classes. This is continual work which covers at least one year. The graduation project is over a longer period. The Summary piece should, in a creative manner, research audio(/)visuality and maintain the topic framework. The aim is an expansion of knowledge and skill in independent creation and working on one's topic and use of experience gained during instruction.

The manner of presenting a work can include a wide range of possiblities: from traditional film screening, video-installation and physical installation, through performance to a virtual manner of presentation. Emphasis is placed on the selection of media, context in which the piece takes place, selection of adequate expression media. An important aspect is the containment, preparedness for presentation, independence of its effect. An exception is the 4th year summary exam in which it is possible to present a developed Graduation project.

Mode of study

The summary exam is comprised of a defense of the submitted summary work before a commission.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Kredit je udělen za odevzdání a obhájení požadované práce.

Course contents

Klauzurní zkouška sestává z obhajoby předložených klausurních prací.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Kredit je udělen za odevzdání a obhájení vlastní práce před pedagogy i studenty katedry



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