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380AP ZK 1 4S Czech

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This course contributes to adopting basic academic manner of working with texts and professional styles of writing as well as understanding the reasons it is necessary (and advantageous) to maintain these foundations. This enables doctorate candidates to acquire not only a wider orientation, but also practical skills necessary for the preparation and presentation of a professional study, review, or conference contribution. Doctoral candidates acquire new skills for research (genre, argumentation, methodology, terminology, conceptual, innovative) acceptable treatments for research issues.

Mode of study

One block assembly of 4 class hours.

The first 2 instruction class hours will be designed as a lecture devoted to a comprehensive explanation of working procedures and intentions which are important for research quality, and orignal and convincing academic writing. Part of the lectures will be illustration and demonstration of all academic foundations in selected examples.

The second 2 class hours will be designed as a class and devoted to practical exercise. Aside from learning how to defend an academic text, students will have the opportunity to discusss all mentioned basics from the viewpoint of their own experience with academic writing, lecture, publishing and referencing published results.

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Course contents

This course is a combination of lectures and classes. The focus is to explain to students the main reasons and foundations of academic writing and evaluating a professional text. The lecture part of the course introduces issues, the most important principles of academic working processes, professional styles and formal requitites of research writings, including formulation of title, annotation, content, hypotheses, methodology, argumentation, and bibliography references. The class portion enables students to attempt and exercise applying the mentioned principles.

Recommended or required reading

TURABIAN, K. (2013): Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Dissertations. Chicago: The Chicago University Press.

(2014): How to Write a Better Thesis. London: Springer.

DUNLEAVY, P. (2003): Authoring a PhD. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

HENNING, E., GRAVETT, S., VAN RENSBURG, W.: (2005): Finding Your Way in Academic Writing. Pretoria: Van Schaik.

VYDRA, A. (2010): Akademické písanie. Ako vzniká filozofický text. Trnava: FF TU.

STOCKELOVÁ, T. (2009): Akademické poznávání, vykazování a podnikání. Praha: Slon.

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