Optional Study Subjects

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
206RKM2 Advertisement and Communication 2
Czech Z 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
107ZTP1 Basics of Dance Production 1 Czech Thu
computer's classroom
Z 1 1T
107ZTP2 Basics of Dance Production 2
Czech Z 1 1T Subject is not scheduled
206TKD1 Communication Skills Training 1 Czech Z 2 K
204PGR1 Computer Graphics 1 Czech Thu
Pracovna pedagogů
Z 1 4T
206IZS1 Contemporary trends in Performing Arts 1 Czech Z 3 2T
206SKB1 Culture and Social Communication II. 1 Czech Thu
Učebna R310 (DAMU)
Z 1 2T
206SKB2 Culture and Social Communication II. 2 Czech Z 1 2T
206URD1 Ecology and Sustainability in Theatre Czech Z 2
305EK1 Economics 1 - Microeconomics Czech Tue
Room No. 330
ZK 2 2T
305EK2 Economics 2 - Macroeconomics
Czech ZK 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
206EIP1 International Perspectives on Performing Arts Management English see detail Z 1 12S
206MGR1 International grants 1
Czech Z 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
206PSZ1 Production management internship 1 Czech Z 3 45S Z 3 45S
206PJC1 Project III. 1 Czech Z 3 Z 3
206PJD1 Project IV. 1 Czech Z 2 Z 2
206PJE1 Project V. 1 Czech Z 1 Z 1
204PHK1 Space - Mass - Communication 1 Czech Wed
Z 1 3T
204PHK2 Space - Mass - Communication 2 Czech Z 1 3T
703LKD Summer Course
Czech Z 1 40CS Subject is not scheduled
703ZKD Winter Course Czech Z 1 40CS