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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
300MCR Carlos Reygadas and his creative method
English Z 1 4S Subject is not scheduled
300MDCHM Cinematographer Days David Chambille Masterclass
English Z 1 30SS Subject is not scheduled
304MCG Cinematography Guests
English Z 1 2S Subject is not scheduled
300MDYL Dialogues with Yorgos Lanthimos
English Z 1 2PS Subject is not scheduled
311MDAC Directing Actors - Jerry Coyle´ workshop English see detail Z 3 3/D
373MHNWE Her Name Was Europa: znovuvynalézt zvíře English, Czech 20:00–22:00
Bio Konvikt
Z 1 5S
311MMMC Masterclass Mabel Cheung English 15:00–16:00
Z 1
300MCSPM Mentoring programme Céline Sciamma film screenings and masterclasses English, Czech see detail Z 2 60 SS
311MPWM1 Postproduction Workflow Module I (digital) English Z 1 1D
311MPWM2 Postproduction Workflow Module II (film)
English Z 2 1/D Subject is not scheduled