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Study plan Acting for Dramatic Theatre (M.A.) – 4th year

Study of qualification: Acting of Dramatic Theatre
Study type: Master's Programme
Study plan: overall | 1st year | 2nd year | 3rd year | 4th year | simplified
tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Povinné předměty hlavní
Acting 201HTH7 ZK 11 8T 201HTH8 ZK 11 8T
Work on Performance 201ISH2 ZK 10 20T 201ISH3 ZK 10 20T
Minimal number of credits per semester 21 21
Required subjects
Course of the Year DDT 201ROK5 Z 1 24S
Dubbing - Course 1 201DAB1 Z 1 24S
Stage Speech 201JML5 Z 1 1T 201JML6 Z 1 1T
Stage Movement 201JEA7 Z 2 4T 201JEA8 Z 2 4T
Master Program Graduation Theses Seminar 1 201MDH1 Z 1 1T
Theory of Theatre and its Components 1 201TDJ1 Z 2 3T
Training 201TRE7 Z 2 2T 201TRE8 Z 2 2T
Minimal number of credits per semester 5 10
Total number of set credits 26 31
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects 4 -1
Total recommended number of credits per semester 30 30