Work on Performance 2

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201ISH2 ZK 10 20T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Ability to read and interpret text.
  2. Ability to create dramatic space.
  3. Ability to perform thematicized movement in space.
  4. Ability to work with given circumstances and motivation of action.
  5. Ability to achieve the initiation of a dramatic situation through acting/directing.
  6. Ability to create mise en scene.
  7. Ability as a storyteller and to compose a production as a whole.

Mode of study

Classes, tests, performance.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A professionally equipped school stage, intensive cooperation with the departments of scenography, production and possibly other divisions. Cooperation with manufacturing, agencies and the media. External coworkers depending on the type of production being prepared. Cooperation with acting students in other years of study from the Department of Dramatic Theatre and the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre.

Course contents


  1. Analysis of a text and plan for a production.
  2. The situation and creation of dramatic space.
  3. Movement and position in space.
  4. Given circumstances and motivation of action.
  5. Relations between characters and initiation of the dramatic situation.
  6. Creating mise en scene and barriers to action.
  7. Storytelling and composition of the production as a whole.


On the basis of analysis of the text and the production plan arising from it, students proceed to identify individual situations and together they create the dramatic space. They become practically familiarized with the expressive possibilities of the relations by thematized movement and position in space. An integral part is work with given circumstances and practical verification of the motivation of action. The main content is acting/directing development and initiation of dramatic situations and creation of a corresponding mise en scene. By the end of the semester, the students arrive at an entire, deliberately composed, thematicized production. An integral part of the class is reflection on the achieved results.

Recommended or required reading

Vostrý: Režie je umění

Císař J., Štěpánek F.: Základy činoherní režie; IPOS; Praha 2000

Hořínek: Drama, divadlo, divák

Hořínek: O divadelní komedii

Brockett: Dějiny divadla

Assessment methods and criteria

The main criterion is the artistic effort in the graduation performance with consideration of the activity and creativity in individual phases of rehearsals.

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