Scoring for Film Music 1

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101INF1 Z 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 7 to 12 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student is able to use the possibilities of studio practice in working with musical instruments, voices and various sound sources in relation to the realisation of a film soundtrack.

Mode of study

lecture, exercises

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Course contents

Learning objectives:

This is a two-semester course that can be taken in the first or second year of study.

The aim is to develop sound imagination and the ability to use musical instruments, voices and different sound sources in the realisation of a film soundtrack. The course builds on previous knowledge of orchestration and extends it to the use of sound in studio practice.

Thematic areas:

The form of instruction is a combination of lectures and exercises consisting of listening to audiovisual works and analysing them, as well as joint consultation of the studies. The list of topics and specific works varies each semester according to the needs and focus of the students. The teaching focuses not only on film genres ranging from documentary to fiction and animation to experimental works, but also, for example, on music for computer games. Classes emphasise the integration of traditional acoustic scoring skills in the context of contemporary studio practice.

Recommended or required reading

Required bibliography:

MCGUIRE, Sam, MATĚJŮ, Zbyněk. The Art of Digital Orchestration. Routledge, 2020.

CHION, Michel. Audiovision. Columbia University Press 1994, ISBN: 978-0-231-07899-3.

Recommended bibliography:

COX, Christopher – WARNER, Daniel (eds.). Audio culture: Readings in modern music, revised edition. New York London Oxford New Delhi Sydney: Bloomsburry Academic, 2017.

RASMUSSEN, Karl Aage – LAURSEN, Lasse. The Idiomatic Orchestra [online]. 2015. [cit. 2017-10-28]. Retrieved at:

Assessment methods and criteria

During the semester, the student will prepare and submit the required number of short studies for the musical component of film excerpts assigned or approved by the teacher.

Required attendance: min. 75%



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