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101SKLA7 credit 7 2 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 157 to 192 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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Learning objectives:

The study builds on the results achieved in the Bachelor's degree, as meeting the criteria of a graduate of the Bachelor's degree in composition is a condition for further development of the composer's personality in the Master's programme. The study is mainly aimed at supporting the development of students' creative individuality; the formation of their own distinctive artistic style and musical opinions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the current situation of the field and one's own position within it. The course develops the ability to think independently and conceptually clearly in music composition and teaches how to formulate one's own musical ideas into performable and intelligible notation and sound form.

Thematic areas:

In the Master's degree, the student has more opportunities to influence the focus of his/her studies, with emphasis on composing classically conceived scores, working with modern technologies and gaining skills and experience in film or stage music. Intersections between every kind of specialisation (I.e. interdisciplinary overlaps) are also possible and welcome. The student usually focuses primarily on the creation of larger or more substantial compositions. A clear articulation of compositional aspects and a convincing technical-compositional rendering are expected, depending on the individuality of the student. Emphasis is also placed on the student's ability to comment knowledgeably on professional issues and on the ability to articulate his or her creative aesthetics and theoretical-compositional conclusions in writing and orally.

Learning outcomes

The student (according to his/her previous achievement and aesthetic focus) shows demonstrable progress in the development of his/her compositional thinking. He/she is better able to formulate their own musical ideas into performable and intelligible notation and sound form. They are able to express themselves knowledgeably on professional issues and to articulate their creative aesthetics and theoretical-compositional conclusions in writing and orally.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Scores and recordings of contemporary music, especially available new works.

Study of scores and recordings of major works of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Current articles and reviews relating to contemporary compositional issues, recent premieres and major performances of contemporary music.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Completion of the assigned composition tasks, which the student demonstrates during the regular semester examination period in the winter semester, is assessed.

The main criterion is the artistic and compositional technical level of the submitted compositions. Additional criteria are the graphic realisation and informative level of the submitted scores and the ability to present the works in an informed manner.

Other requirements: Participation in events organised by the department, especially concerts and other performances. Consistent interest in contemporary music and active search for new knowledge.

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