Concert Practice - String Instruments 3

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105KP3 Z 1 English, Czech summer

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The student has a comprehensive knowledge of global as well as national repertoire and demonstrates a high level of ability in creating and delivering coherent musical experiences and interpretations.

The student develops, presents and implements artistic programs that are coherent and appropriate for a variety of contexts.

The student realizes music at a high professional level (technically and interpretatively masterful expression), expressing his/her own artistic concepts at the level of a developed musical personality.

The student publicly presents high quality artistic performance as a solo, chamber and orchestral player.

The student possesses a high level of appropriate presentation skills in all aspects of his/her practice and activities.

The student engages and shares information with professional and lay musicians and audiences across a broad social spectrum, is aware of individual and/or group reactions to this information, and is able to respond appropriately.

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Learning objectives:

Concert practice builds physical and mental resilience for public performance and provides feedback in the form of self-reflection on performance and critical feedback from students and faculty. This practice is essential for the student's further professional activity, which verifies not only the quality of his/her preparation, the individual components of performance, but also their psychological prerequisites for public performance.

In addition to the interpretative and psychological preparation for public performances, students are also encouraged to form opinions and acquire knowledge in the field of concert dramaturgy. In practice, students verify the impact of individual instrumental and compositional combinations in the course of a concert performance, as well as the reflection of these combinations on the perception and reaction of the audience.

Recommended or required reading

The selection of repertoire is appropriate to the student's chosen specialisation in the String Instruments programme. In the case of a student's participation in a national or international competition, the repertoire may be selected, supplemented or modified based on the announced competition conditions.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit examination is awarded based on the public performance of the concert.



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