Collaboration at FAMU/HAMU/AMU Project 1

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200MFS1 credit 1 25 workshop hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 6 to 11 hours of self-study English, Czech winter and summer

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Creative collaboration in an artistic project of students of another faculty of AMU under the guidance of FAMU or HAMU teachers.

Learning outcomes

The student is able to creatively use the knowledge and skills acquired in his/her field of study as a team member of an artistic project in another art form (film, music, dance, opera, etc.).

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Evaluation methods and criteria

Credit will be awarded on the basis of confirmation that the enrolled student has participated in a creative school project by students of another AMU faculty or in a creative project of participant of non-acreditated programme of another AMU faculty. The credit cannot be awarded for participation, that was paid (fee, scholarship etc.) or was not supervised by teacher of other AMU faculty. The confirmation must be sent by the responsible person to no later than 14 days before the end of the examination period in a given semester. The confirmation must include the title of the project, the name of the student, his/her role/position in the project and the amount of work the student has done on the project (1 ECTS corresponds to 25 hours of work!). Responsible persons: FAMU – Head of production of the FAMU Studio, HAMU – Vice Dean for Study Affairs


The course is listed each semester as a module and can be chosen as an elective up to the last day of the regular teaching period in that semester.

It is the responsibility of the enrolled student to communicate with the responsible person at the other faculty and to secure confirmation of cooperation, not the DAMU or other faculty's study department.

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