Acting Propaedeutic 3

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201HPR3 Z 1 2T Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Daniel HRBEK

Name of lecturer(s)

Daniel HRBEK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students of dramaturgy and directing learn acting not only theoretically, but directly from autopsy. They learn concrete dramatic situations:

  1. expression through literature;
  2. analyzing dramaturgically;
  3. interpreting as a directort;
  4. representation by acting;
  5. reflecting collectively.

Mode of study

Classes and practical exercises.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. Internal-tactile sensitivity, spatial imagination, sense of a drama situation.
  2. Knowledge of theatre history and types.
  3. A good orientation in Czech and world drama literature.
  4. Mastery of fundamental theatre terminology.

Course contents


  1. Introduction to the subject, terminology.
  2. Changes to acting style during various historical period.
  3. Modern acting schools.
  4. Acting in the structure of a production.
  5. Prerequisites for acting: talent, performing ability, mental, physical.
  6. The internal and external technique of acting.
  7. Ethics of the acting profession.


The course's content is learning the basics of theory and practice of acting, its specific features and psychological, anthropological and social elements. Practical exercises are an important part of the course. Students of directing and dramaturgy write their own short texts with dramatic situations, interpret them, and rehearse them, acting in each other's works. They then reflect collectively on each exercise, and they combine practical learning with theoretical conclusions. Instruction includes writing on assigned topics concerning the problems of acting.

Recommended or required reading

Jaroslav Vostrý: O herectví a hercích

M. Mistrík: Herecké techniky 20. storočia

Jan Hyvnar: Herec v moderním divadle

K. S. Stanislavskij: Moje výchova k herectví

Jan Grossman: Analýzy

Michail Čechov: O herecké technice

Jan Kopecký: Antoin Artaud

Z. Bratršovská, J. Hrdlička: Zpráva o bílém divadle

Assessment methods and criteria

Student class activity, imagination and drama sensitivity are graded. The main emphasis is placed on the ability to recognize and create drama situations and implement a character's behaviour in a space.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room K107

(Karlova 26, Praha 1)
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Wed 15:00–16:30 Daniel HRBEK Učebna
Karlova 26, Praha 1

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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