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202ATR1 Z 2 2T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Acceptance of responsibility for an original writing including the ability to personally read it to others and take their reaction under consideration for futher work. This is how we discover what we actually said and how others understand us.

Mode of study

Course in which the students read (not recite, nor act) their texts and immediately see the reaction of the students. They have no opportunity to futher explain their texts: only what they have written is considered. The discussion is moderated by the instructor who does not contribute until the end if something significant has not been expressed.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

In one course there is usually three texts (three students). It is better, of course, if the students find their own topics and develop their writing regardless of when their turn comes. This presumes a repertoire of original attempts independent of the course.

Course contents

Public readings (in the course which is open to guests) of original texts and subsequent response from the audience.

Recommended or required reading

Texts are original. Discussions often mention other writers whose work might interest the students because of some similar features which they may wish to attempt. Study material is additional individual readings.

Assessment methods and criteria

Personal view, ability of precise formulation of ideas, sense of the internal order and shape of a text, authenticity in writing and reading are evaluated. As well, the ability to note the artistry of a texts by others and the comments of others on one's own.

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