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204MDDI2 credit 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 54 to 69 hours of self-study English summer

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Branislav MAZÚCH

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Branislav MAZÚCH


During the semester students will work on three succesive practical tasks, focusing on director's work. Each task will be based on a different trigger, chosen together with students: texts (fictional or scientific literature), images (photography, drawings or paintings), recent events (documentary approach), etc. The goal is to try in practice, on small-scale projects, the entire directing process: from the scope of a topic and drafting a concept, choice and spatial composition of theater components, towards a rough performative form that can communicate with target audience. The emphasis will be on work with situation, spatial relationships, rhythm and overal composition of performative forms.

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Prerequisites and other requirements



Bogart, Anne: A director prepares; And then, you act; What´s the story

Kleon, Austin: Steal like an artist; Show your work!; Keep going

Mitchell, Katie: The Director´s Craft: A Handbook for the Theatre

Evaluation methods and criteria

75% of attandance.



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